Everything you need to know about choosing online slots with exciting welcome bonuses

Players all over the world are benefitted greatly these days because of fierce competition between online casinos. If you are an iGaming player, then you should definitely know all about welcome bonuses that casinos like http://www.za4online-casino.com offer to gamers to attract new players to their platform.

What is a welcome bonus?

The welcome bonus is one of the most exciting type of bonuses you can ever get. Awesome online casino sites like the http://www.cavexr.org/ give bonus packages when new players register on their website. These welcome bonuses include deposit matches, free spins, and more such benefits.

Some casinos offer the welcome bonus package as soon as you register on their website while others provide them once you deposit your first wager online. You can enjoy using the welcome bonus to browse through the website and play games that interest you.

Wager restrictions and regulations on welcome bonuses

One of the most important factors you should keep in mind while deciding if a welcome bonus is good or bad is the wager terms and regulations associated with it. Almost all welcome packages are backed by certain restrictions that you will have to look out for.

Free-spin terms and conditions

One of the most offered welcome bonus that comes with a variety of wager terms is the free spin bonus. If the casino is offering you a free-spinning option, then do not rush to use it. Read the wager terms and look for the below details.

  • Find out the games the free-spinning bonus can be used on.
  • Check the cash value of the free spin.
  • Find out the maximum you can win by using the free-spin.

Expiry dates of the welcome bonus

Some casinos give you up to 6 months of time to use a bonus package while others give you packages that expire in just a few weeks. Check the validity period of these welcome bonuses and use them before they lose their validity.

Check the withdrawal limit

Some casinos will look like they are offering you all the free money in the world but they will have a tight restriction on the amount of money you can use/withdraw on your winnings using the welcome bonus package. Read the fine print carefully.

Look for higher deposit bonuses

To attract more players, many online casinos have started offering welcome deposit bonuses. If you have decided to put in money on your game, choosing a casino that offers higher deposit bonuses makes more sense. This will increase your chance of higher winnings.

  1. Casinos that offer higher percentage match on your deposit are to be preferred.
  2. Deposit bonuses with lesser wager requirements are more flexible.

Some casinos offer to match up to 200% of your deposit money. This means that when you play for 'X' amount, the casino will deposit '2X' amount to your account as a welcome bonus and you can enjoy betting a total of '3X' onsite cash.

What are the other popular types of welcome bonuses?

Apart from the above-discussed deposit match welcome bonus, players should also know about the other popular kinds of welcome bonuses that online casinos usually offer to their players. Knowing these in detail will help choose the right bonus package that is worth your while.

Free play welcome bonuses

These are such amazing bonuses that you should definitely make use of if your casino has the heart to offer. This bonus deposits onsite-cash to your account right away after you register. You can play games for free using the bonus cash with no wager requirements.

Play-only welcome bonuses

With this bonus, your bonus amount will be kept in a separate account from your winnings. You can only use the bonus cash to play more games and win money for your withdrawable cash account. The original bonus cash can never be withdrawn.

Withdrawable welcome bonuses

These are also simple and flexible bonuses you will love. Once you play with your bonus cash and win some money, all the cash, including the original bonus amount will be credited to your withdrawable account. You can use them to play games or cash them.

Find the maximum amount of welcome bonus

Some casinos may have tall claims when it comes to offering bonus percentages and amounts but will have restricted terms and conditions that will bring down the maximum bonus amount you can actually win or use. Understand these terms before opting for your welcome bonus.

Check the reputation of the casino offering the welcome bonus

One factor that directly affects the quality and quantity of welcome bonus you get is the reputation of the casino you choose. Shady online gaming sites may entice you with great bonuses and offers but rarely give you anything considerable once you have registered.

Check the authenticity of the casino on different gaming online portals, talk to the customer team of the casino if you have any queries to be answered and check the payout frequency of the casino. Opt for the casino and the bonus only if you are fully satisfied.